As you might know, there are various articles on the web that state that if you spill liquid on your laptop, you should use rice to soak up the liquid. However, my advice is that while it might work, there can be various complications with it.

For instance, while rice does absorb liquid, it (1) does so at a very slow pace, (2) clumps and expands in places you might not want this to happen i.e. your fan system or motherboard, and (3) can corrode the motherboard to make your computer completely irreparable.

My advice is that (1) right away turn your computer upside down and get as much liquid out as fast as possible, (2) if your computer is off, don’t power it on ( if it is on, turn it off ASAP ), and (3) use a small hand-held vacuum to get as much of the liquid as you can. After this let it dry as long as you can, or at the minimum, a couple of days.

If the computer, after this, does not work, you should take it to a computer repair shop. This is done sooner the better. At worst, you’ll need to get a new laptop, but at best, it’ll just be a matter of replacing some parts, mostly your motherboard and/or keyboard.

So to recap, Rice is not the answer for a liquid spill on your laptop.