I have recently seen many of my customer suffer from their data lose and I decided to add this to my block. Of course, all drives will fail some point and it would be a good idea to check you’re back of drive from time to time to see if they are functioning as expected it.


The reason to back our computer is clear. Our most precious data, from Photos, financial records, creative work and documents. Losing those things can be overwhelming. It can happen from number of things. The virus, a soda spilled or alcohol or hard drive failure. Most of us know that we should backup but we put off for too long to do it. Let’s motivate our selves’ do the right thing in life to save our time.


How to back up your most important data quickly.

You should identify the most important data you want to backup. If you are not backing up your entire machine then just select files that you want to backup and copy them in a external drive and unplug it from your computer and store it in a safe place. You can copy in a flash drive of cd, dvd disk but they are not as durable as hard drive. Hard drive are cheap and reasonable compared to 5 Years go.


If you decide to backup entire machine automatically then you should purchase NAS business storage with 2 Bay Enclosure and configure in Raid 1 to automatically mirror your files on both drives and if one drive fails, your data remains together and available. These drives are hot swappable and if one fails always replace with new drive.


You can purchase this devices at www.Frys.com, www.bestbuy.com and many online stores.