Portrait of the Business Owner
Tendu Sherpa
Business Owner

I started this business because I saw a need for the service and repair of older Macs when Apple no longer supported them. Lots of good computers were being dumped due to a lack of knowledge, and not finding the right technician, to repair them. This puts repairable Macs into landfills instead of on people’s desks.

By recycling Macs with us, we make the possession of an Apple more rewarding by letting you know that they will not end in the landfill. Instead, the recycled MAC parts might be re-used into creating a used, but working, Mac which will be offered to people at reasonable prices.

As recycling is done for unfixable computers, this will a net benefit for the customer who recycled with us, for the customer who will use the refurbished computer, and for the earth which will avoid another broken computer buried within it.

For myself, I have many years of experience repairing computers and other commercial and house-hold products. I also love working with computers. So by helping people fix, and recycle, their computer, I will help users with my skills with computer and indulge my passion. A win-win, wouldn’t you say?

So come visit us. We have low rates and bill by the job. We try to use only OEM parts as much as we can.

Lake Oswego Mac Repair’s goal is simple:

Provide Reliable, Professional Computer Repair Services.

4 Monroe Park way, Suite B
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
(503) 387 – 3586